heavily disappointed

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in myself and in others


date someone who uses their turn signal

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i’ve never met nicki minaj but i trust her

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Attendez la crème.

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food tho inglorious basterds quesodilla tortilla








People need to realize the significance of this post, because when I reblogged it it was just blank so I think some people may not understand what this is trying to say

Adopting an animal (or buying from someone close to you who has recently had puppies, kittens, etc) is not like simply going to the store and buying a toy. You do not just get to throw it away once you are done with it and it stops being cute in your eyes

This is a real living thing that has emotions, needs, and wants, not something to be thrown away when YOU are done after YOU entered at commitment to raise and care for this animal. 

What’s just as bad as dumping the animal off just anywhere you want, whether it be on the side of the road or in a shelter, is that a lot of these animals end up dying after that. Animals are NOT always adopted and strays are not always picked up. Animals can get put down, run over, tortured, and a list of other things 

People should really think about what they are responsible for before they bring an animal into their life

Not to mention that that animal loves you, you are his world, and when you drop him off at the shelter - or worse, in the street - you are abandoning him. He doesn’t know what he did wrong, he thinks you’ll come back, maybe you just dropped him off for a bit and you’ll come back to him.
Not only did you make a commitment, but that animal loves you and throwing them away isn’t just breaking that commitment, it’s throwing away someone who doesn’t understand why you don’t love him anymore and where you went.

This is so important. Animals are NOT toys you just can’t return them because you got bored. Think first before you buy a cute little puppy for your stupid girlfriend or sister or whatever. Okay. This just make me so mad that I can’t keep talking about it. Seriously you have no heart if you do this. Seriously

This shit pisses me off

How could you be so hateful to that poor puppy who loves you 

Not rs but this one of those things that’s just important enough. Animals depend on you, they love you, their entire world revolves around you

It’s a commitment. Once you make it, see it through


I made sure my own dog got food before I did when we were low on cash because I simply refused to take him to a shelter. That dog was my child, my baby and I would have died before I made him feel that unwanted because he’d already been dropped off and abandoned so many times. You wouldn’t do that to your own child.

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Blouse. Jeans. Shoes.
y e s

Clueless (1995)
my life


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things you don’t point out about people:

  • acne
  • cuts
  • Scars
  • body hair in places you’re not used to it being???
  • fat rolls/curves
  • how much/how little they’re eating
  • how skinny they are/what bones they can see because of how skinny they are
  • How fat they are.
  • If they have crooked or misaligned teeth maybe even yellowed
  • If they sweat a lot

don’t do it


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shit people can't control!!! get learnt mother
um yum

1. last beverage: water
2. last phone call: mom
3. last text message: mom
4. last song you listened to: uhh saturdays- cut copy
5. last time you cried: ? maybe wednesday
6. dated someone twice: no
7. been cheated on: no but ive been trifled on
8. kissed someone & regretted it: lol no
9. lost someone special: no
10. been depressed: maybe idk
11. been drunk and threw up: yes no
LIST THREE FAVORITE COLORS: purp, blue, light pink
15. made a new friend: ya
16. fallen out of love: no
17. laughed until you cried: yes
18. met someone who changed you: yes
19. found out who your true friends are: ya
20. found out someone was talking about you: on the daily
21. kissed anyone on your FB friend’s list: lol no
22. how many people on your FB friend’s list do you know in real life: uhh most of them probably. There’s maybe 3-4 I don’t kno
23. how many siblings do you have: one older brother, one younger sister
24. Do you have any pets: YA marlow is my puppy n she is my child
25. Do you want to change your name: nah
26. what did you do for your last birthday: i got my nose pierced and went to dinner with friends
27. what time did you wake up today: noon
28. what were you doing at midnight last night: lol
29. name something you CANNOT wait for: uh getting the braces off
30. last time you saw your mother: right now
31. what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: i don’t kno. i wish getting into college was easier.
32. what are you listening to right now: toys r us commercial
33. have you ever talked to a person named Tom: my dentists name is tom
34. what’s getting on your nerves right now: w i l l y
35. most visited web page: webkinz B)
36. Blood type: no idea!
37. Nickname: timmy
38. relationship status: single n ready 2 mingle
39. zodiac sign: taurus
40. pronouns: female??
41. elementary: lol
42. High school: lmao
43. College: not yet
44. hair color: brown
45. long or short: medium
46. height: 5’10
47. do you have a crush on someone: sure
48. what do you like about yourself: im kinda smart and im ok at saxophone and my hair is so soff
50. Tattoos: noot any
51. Righty of lefty: righty
52. first surgery: i had my tonsils removed!
53: first piercing: ear lobes
54. first best friend: a kid from preschool
55. first sport you joined: tee ball
56. first vacation: north carolina probably
58. first pair of trainers: what
59: eating: i’m not
60. drinking: water
61. I’m about to: sleep
62. listening to: ? tv
63: waiting for: auditions tomorrow to be over
64. want kids: ya
65. get married: ya
66. career: nursing but really music performance/jazz studies
67. lips or eyes: eyes
68. hugs or kisses: hugs
69. shorter or taller: TALL
70. older or younger: older
71. romantic or spontaniously: spontaneity
72. nice stomach or nice arms: stomach
73. sensitive or loud: idk neither really
74. hook-up or relationship: hook up probably
75. trouble maker or hesitant: depends
76. kissed a stranger: no
77. drank hard liquor: ya
78. lost glasses/contacts: no
79. sex on first date: lordty no
80. broke someone’s heart: i hope so
81. had your own heart broken: sort of
82. been arrested: nope
83. turned someone down: ya
84. cried when someone died: yes
85. fallen for a friend: yes
86. yourself: i try
87. miracles: sometimes
88. love at first sight: sometimes
89. heaven: nah
90. Santa Claus: hell yis
91. Kiss on the first date: sure
92. Angels: no

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*talking to myself as I wobble up the stairs* , you are sober and in control of the situation

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NYC, night time, and rain is a nice combo
it be cool 2 b there rn

what a deal